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Why I fell in love with Lilla Rose hair accessories

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Lilla Rose hair accessories - Flexi clip and U-pins

Sometimes it's hard to explain why you like something so much. However, since I genuinely feel that others can benefit from the Lilla Rose hair accessories, I will try to explain why I fell in love with them.

TL:DR ~ The Lilla Rose hair accessories are the first to actually work in my thick, slippery hair, without causing damage, and are quick and easy to use.

A little backstory

While listening to a training on Facebook there was a woman being interviewed who sold hair accessories from a company called Lilla Rose. She didn't say much about her company or her product, as that was not what the training was about, but I was intrigued because I had never heard of the company before. 

I looked her up, visited her Facebook page, and then checked out her website (yes, I social-stalked her, LOL). I liked what I saw but wasn't sure if the Lilla Rose product would actually work in my hair. So, I made note of her info in case I wanted to check it out again later and moved on.

Visions of Lilla Rose hair accessories danced in my head

Over the next couple of months, I just kept thinking about all the advantages mentioned for the Lilla Rose hair accessories. It works in all hair types (even thick hair like mine)...there are many different accessories and styles to choose from...hairbands won't cause headaches and stay in place...they don't damage your hair...etc, etc...

My hair has always been such a pain to do anything with that I pretty much only ever wore it in a ponytail or a bun, and my primary accessory was a black elastic...BORING!

I finally decided to order some Lilla Rose accessories, after all they had a 30-day refund policy so there really wasn't much risk.

My first order included a beaded hairband, a Flexi clip, and a set of U-pins. I was also able to select a hair stick for free as I had reached the minimum purchase price to qualify for the customer special that month (yay, gotta love free stuff).

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Lilla Rose Upins

My experience

As I said earlier, I have thick hair which makes it heavy but it is also individually fine which makes it slippery. Needless to say, most hair products don't hold my hair or have to be so tight to keep from slipping that they cause headaches or damage my hair.

The first Lilla Rose product I tried was the hairband as this is the one product that has NEVER worked for me. They usually either slip out or put pressure behind my ears causing a headache. I thought for sure that the Lilla Rose hairband would have to be tight in order to stay in my hair and that even if it didn't slip the beads would for sure dig in and cause discomfort. At first I was right, it did start to feel uncomfortable; but once I loosened the elastic adjustment a bit the discomfort went away. 

Now that it was at a comfortable tightness I waited for it to slip out. I continued to wait, and wait, and wait...much to my surprise not only did it not slip out after loosening it but at times I forgot I was even wearing it. This was truly the first time I had worn a hairband an entire day without having issues.

Sticks, pins, and clips...oh,my!

Lilla Rose hair stick

The next product I tried was the hair stick. I wasn't too worried about whether this one would work or not as it was a freebie and not something I ordinarily would have purchased. In fact, I had no idea how a hair stick even worked so I had to look up how to use one. Again I put it in, per the instructions that I found, expecting that it would fall out pretty quickly. Nope. Not only did it stay, it has become one of my go-to accessories as it is quick and easy to put in and holds my hair without any issues.

Next I tried the U-pin set, which was something completely new to me. I had never seen any hair accessory like it before. These went in much like the hair stick and held my hair very securely. They had a Celtic knot design on the end which added a nice bit of decoration to an otherwise boring bun or twist.

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ince I like to wear buns and twists with my hair, the U-pins and the hair stick quickly became my daily accessories.  The bonus is that they are so much prettier than just a black elastic, and they do not damage or break my hair the way elastics do.

Lilla Rose U-pin set

The final item in my order was the signature Lilla Rose accessory, the Flexi clip. This too was a totally new product to me. I found that it worked great to hold a ponytail and because it was so pretty it made that simple style seem more elegant. As the Flexi clip is size dependent I had to play around a bit to find out what other hairstyles this would work for with the size that I had (which was a small). In the end I discovered at least 5 different ways that I could wear this clip. All of them were secure and comfortable.

Call me converted

Never did I expect that every one of the accessories I purchased would work exactly like they described. I can't tell you how much money I have spent over the years on hair accessories that looked promising but never ended up working the way they claimed.

The Lilla Rose accessories were so comfortable and easy to put in, not to mention pretty, that I found myself wearing them every day. After about 3 months I began to seriously consider signing on to be a stylist and looked into what that would cost and what the requirements were. It took another 3 months or so before I felt like I was ready to add Lilla Rose as part of my business.

Since signing on I have had the pleasure of being part of an excellent company and introducing many others to the amazing Lilla Rose hair accessories. But that is a story for another post...

No matter what type of hair you have (thick, thin, curly, braided...) Lilla Rose products can work for you. Contact me today and let's figure out what the perfect products are for your go-to styles.

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