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What is Lilla Rose?

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Lilla Rose hair accessories to make styling your hair quick and easy

Lilla Rose makes unique, durable, and beautiful hair accessories. Whether you have baby-fine hair, short hair, curly hair or even dreadlocks they offer products that will work on your hair type and length.

The Flexi Clip

The signature Lilla Rose product is the Flexi Clip. This clip is made out of musical wire, has an attached pin, and is flexible (thus the name: Flexi clip). It comes in 7 sizes from mini to mega in order to accommodate all hair types. Since the clips are sized it is important to make sure you have the right size for your hair type, and the style you want to achieve, in order to be sure that it will perform the way you would expect. Once you have the right size I am confident that the Flexi clip will become a staple in your hair routine. It is easy to put in, stays where you put it, and is very comfortable.

Lilla Rose flexi clip

The Flexi clips come in a large variety of styles from simple metal bands to very bright and colorful. Most of the Flexi clips have a decoration in the middle of the clip which can add classic beauty or a bit of whimsy to any hairstyle.


The U-pin is one of my personal favorites from the Lilla Rose hair accessories. These pins make it so quick and easy to put my hair up, and they hold all day. Just like the Flexi clips they range from simple Lux pins, which can be hidden within your hair, to those with flashy decoration. While there are a few different types of U-pins sizing is not as big of a factor.

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As mentioned the basic U-pin is a Lux pin and is simply a metal pin that is shaped into a U with long prongs. The prongs are slightly curved so that they can rest comfortably along your scalp once inserted. The lux pins come in a set of 2 and have no decoration. There are 2 sizes for this pin a Medium and a Large and the amount and thickness of your hair will determine which size would be best. The simplicity of these pins allows you to get a firm hold on your hairstyle without any added attention.

Lilla Rose Upins

Similar to the Lux pin the other U-pin sets have the U shape design but are adorned with a decoration on the bottom of the U. This allows you to hold your hair up and add a decorative element to your hairstyle. There is a wide selection of decorations to choose from which makes it easy for everyone to find a style they like.

Lastly, there are the large U-pins and the Swerve. These ingenious accessories make it so easy to quickly style your hair. The large U-pins are similar to the Lux pins in that they do not have decorations attached; however, many of them are shaped in a decorative way with geometric shapes at the top. The Swerve has a more pronounced curve to it and is shaped more narrowly at the opening. This allows the Swerve to get a firm hold on your hair while providing such a comfortable fit that you will most likely forget you are wearing it.

Hair Sticks

Lilla Rose Hair accessories

Another of the versatile products offered by Lilla Rose are the hair sticks. These offer another great way to hold your hairstyle in place while expressing your unique style. The hair sticks come in styles as simple as different tones of wood to wooden sticks with shaped ends and those with decorations or dangles on the end. They can be worn as a single stick or with two or more depending on the look you are trying to achieve. They also work in connection with the Leather 8s.


Leather 8s

The Leather 8s are hair accessories that are exactly what they sound like, leather that is formed into an 8 shape. This allows you to use a hair stick to hold the leather 8 over your hair to secure the style. They are available with reversible styles having a stitched side and a smooth side as well as a braided style with decorations in the center of the 8 shape.


The Lilla Rose hairbands are spectacular. They all come with an adjustable elastic fastener that allows for you to get the perfect hold without undue pressure or slipping. No more hairband headaches (yay!!). They are available in many beautiful designs from simple suede to fancy beaded strands. They attach to the elastic with a jewelry clip and each elastic can have up to 3 strands attached allowing for a stacked look. There is even the option of buying a chain extension so that they can be worn as necklaces, giving them even more versatility.


The Lilla Rose bobbies are truly the strongest bobby pins I have ever had the opportunity to wear. They do not slip out and can hold quite a bit of hair for a little pin. Many of them come adorned with beautiful decorations that on their own add a nice decorative element to any hairstyle but can also be used to further dress up any of the other Lilla Rose hair accessories.

Be sure to check out my website to see all the beautiful options that are available.

If you would like more information about Lilla Rose products or help to determine what your Flexi clip size please be sure to contact me.

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