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What is Color Street?

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What is Color Street

No really, what is Color Street?

Color Street is 100% nail polish in a strip. When you take the strips out of the package they are 95% dry and fully cure within 15-30 minutes after application. The best part is the 5% that is not fully dry is on the bottom of the strip, which allows it to adhere to your nails. This means the top is dry so....NO SMUDGES!! How incredible is that?!?

Not only can you have beautiful, salon-quality nails in about 15-20 minutes, but you do not need to put your life on hold waiting for nails to dry. On top of all that...once cured they last up to 14 days!  And look how easy they are to apply!

Other benefits of Color Street

Color Street on acrylic

Color Street nail polish strips are a blessing to someone like me. I do not have the patience or talent to paint my own nails (I'm pretty sure the polish is not supposed to be on the skin surrounding the nail). I also have a hard time justifying the cost or time it takes to have my nails done at a salon. BUT, I love to have my nails polished. It is such a simple way to add a little pretty into your life that doesn't require constant maintenance.

For those of you who DO like to have your nails done at a salon. Color Street is still an excellent addition to your routine. With all the beautiful designs you can really dress up your nails. In addition, how many times have you had to postpone your nail appointment because life got hectic? Well, since Color Street applies right over the top of acrylic, gel, etc... you have a cost-effective way to cover the need for a fill. This allows you to stretch out the time between salon visits.

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How about if you have been going to the salon but would like to take a break. We all know this is so hard because of the damage that acrylics and gels can cause our nails. With Color Street you can keep your nails covered in a way that helps support them while you let them grow out.

You can find Color Street HERE if you would like to give them a try.

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