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Ways to troubleshoot your Color Street application

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Troubleshoot Color Street application

Let's dive in and troubleshoot some of the most common questions I get asked about Color Street nail polish strips. While they are easy to use there are questions and problems that can come up.

How do I apply Color Street?

Before we begin to address some of the nuances of Color Street it would be helpful to ensure that you know how they are to be applied.  Below is a basic outline of how to apply Color Street the 'no-tools' way. If you prefer you can use a file to gently break the strip away at the top of the nail.

If you need more detailed information you can find that here.

no tools application of Color Street

What if the nail strip is too narrow for my nail?

Color Street nail polish strips are flexible and have a little bit of pliability to them. If the strip is a bit too narrow, you can gently stretch the strip to fit the nail. I like to lightly secure it to the middle of the nail and then gently stretch the edges until they fit the nail bed.

What if the nail strip is too wide for my nail?

If the strip is just a little too wide, you can gently pull up on the nail strip to stretch it into a narrower shape. However, if the width difference is significant, then ensure that the polish is firmly adhered to the nail bed and with your finger or an orange stick gently break away any excess that may be on your skin.

I’ve only had them on for a day, why does the tip already look worn?

How to fix tip wear on Color Street

Since Color Street is made from 100% nail polish you will occasionally notice that as they cure there is a little bit of ‘shrinkage’ which can look like wear at the tip of your nail (this is most noticeable with the solid colors). To fix this you simply need to either file or clip down the exposed nail.

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For more information on how you might be able to avoid this happening see my post How to Fix Tip Wear on Color Street.

My glitter nails had pieces rip off at the tip when I applied them. Why did this happen?

Some of the glitter designs with chunky glitter can have larger glitter pieces hang over the edge of your nail when you apply them. If this happens use nail clippers (or nail scissors) to cut the glitter at the nail edge rather than trying to file it away.

If you are going to use a file to remove this glitter then be sure to go in a downward motion and not back and forth. This will help prevent the file from pulling at the glitter and tearing pieces away.

I hope this was helpful. Want more information and tips? Come check out my Facebook page.

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