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Color Street Review - 'Clear as Day'

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Clear as Day - Color Street

I am sometimes asked why Color Street sells Clear as Day, which is a clear topcoat nail polish strip since all our nail polish strips already have a topcoat included in the strip. The fact is that Clear as Day has many benefits and is a real workhorse that is often overlooked.

Benefits of Clear as Day

Many people find that wearing Color Street gives their nails some stability and helps prevent breakage. However, while you are trying to grow your nails out you might not want to draw attention to them. This is where Clear as Day can help. It gives the benefit of adding some stability but since it is a clear top coat it does not draw attention.

Color Street Clear as Day

If you have soft, flexible nails using Clear as Day as a second topcoat layer can help prevent cracking of the polish when your nail bends. This is especially helpful with the solid nail polish strips where the cracks become more noticeable.

While Color Street is tough it is not bulletproof. If you find that your day to day life causes you to put extra wear on your nail polish strips then putting a layer of Clear as Day on can help to get more longevity out of your manicure.

All the Color Street French tip sets come with a package of Clear as Day to use to protect the edges on the look. If you want to show some personality with your French tip you can make your own out of any Color Street color or design. Then cover it with Clear as Day just as you would with the traditional French tip sets.

Color Street French Tip
Color Street French - Meet Me in Paris

Easily create your own unique look with Color Street by cutting out shapes and designs from the nail polish strips. When you are all finished just add a layer of Clear as Day to protect your work. This makes doing your own nail art so simple and there is no risk of smudging your beautiful design because there is no dry time with Color Street.

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Additional Value

One last thing that many people don't realize is that there are 2 full sets in each package of Clear as Day. That's right, you get 2 sets with 16 strips in each package for the same price as a regular solid set!  Now that is what I call a value-added product!

Three Cheers for Clear as Day! Hip-hip-hooray!

A great way to get Clear as Day for free is to take advantage of Color Street's Buy 3, Get 1 free special!

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