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How to Remove Color Street

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How to remove Color Street nail polish strips

How to remove Color Street

One of the best features of Color Street nail polish strips is that they do not require any fancy methods or tools to remove. Because Color Street is 100% nail polish all it takes to remove them is nail polish remover.

The most efficient way is to use acetone nail polish remover; however, this can be drying to the nails. While this is the method I use (see video below), if you have weaker nails or nails that are prone to peeling you may want to consider using a milder, non-acetone remover to remove Color Street.

If you do choose to use a non-acetone remover it will take a bit more time and 'elbow grease' to get the nail polish off. This is no different than with any nail polish as the non-acetone removers take longer to break down the polish. The benefit and tradeoff is that it is less damaging to the nails.

As I said above, I personally do use acetone remover; but I try to limit the exposure time to my nails. I like to open up a cotton ball by unrolling it and then tear the cotton strip into small pieces. I then dip those small pieces into the nail polish remover and place them onto my fingernails. I let this sit on the nails for about a minute and then I use another cotton ball to press down on the pieces of cotton and scrub the polish off the nail. I demonstrate this in the below video.


As soon as my nails are clear of the polish I wash my hands with soap to remove any remaining acetone from the nails and skin. I will then apply cuticle oil to my nails and let that soak in for about 15 minutes or so. If I plan to put on another set of Color Street then I will once again wash my hands and then use the nail prep pad to remove any residual oil.

It is also important to let your nails go without polish for a day or two from time to time. This is the hardest part for me!

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