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Nail Art Designs with Color Street

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nail art with color street

Love to put together your own unique looks with your nail polish? Color Street makes it easy to create your own nail art.

Create your own nail art with Color Street

Once you have the feel for how to apply Color Street nail polish strips you will begin to see just how flexible they can be. Nail art designs that can take hours of taping and masking can be done in a fraction of the time.

The simplest way to show your unique style is mixing and matching colors for a mixed-mani look. This look is easiest to accomplish when you and a friend (or two) each buy sets. Then if you get together when you apply them (can we say 'Girls night out?') you can use the 'extra' pieces that your friend doesn't use to add accents or create an all together mixed look. 

Another simple way to create a unique look with Color Street is to layer transparent glitters over other colors to add a sparkly element. Colors such as 'Shangri-La' and 'Blue Lagoon' are perfect for this as they allow the color underneath to peak out through the glitter.

Color Street nail art

If you are feeling a bit more crafty try using a 5/8-inch circle punch to create the perfect arch to make any Color Street strip into a custom French tip. This is a great way to take some of the bolder nail art designs, such as the glittery, grey snakeskin of 'Amazonia',  and create a unique French tip.

Amazonia as a French tip

Speaking of cutting the nail strips, Color Street nail polish is in a strip form you can simply cut it into the shapes you want. Gone are the days of having to mask off areas of your nail to get a clean edge with color designs. Once you have all the shapes you want you just have to apply it to your nails. So simple! Think of all the possibilities this opens up for creative nail art designs that won't take you hours to accomplish.

easy nail art designs with Color Street

When you want to take your nail art up a notch you can start to add jewel embellishments for a more 3-dimensional look. These can be found most places that sell nail polish and vary from sparkly stickers to jewels and other objects that need to be glued on.

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The beauty of using Color Street is that there is NO dry time so there is no need to wait between coats or layers. Just be sure to use a quality top coat, such as Color Street's own 'Clear as Day', over any designs with cut edges to keep the edges from snagging or if you add any embellishments.

Take advantage of Color Street's Buy 3, Get 1 free deal to let your imagination go wild. Happy creating!!

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