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Why you should give Lilla Rose Hairbands a try

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Lilla Rose hairbands

Hairband headache...ugh! We've all had it at one time or another. I know I did, which caused me to stop wearing hairbands all together. That is until I tried the Lilla Rose hairbands.

Over the years I have tried many different types of hairbands but had not found one that actually stayed in place without causing a headache. Then when I started wearing glasses a whole new set of challenges occurred. So, when I heard that the Lilla Rose hairbands were so comfortable that you often forget you are wearing them, I had to give them a try.

This was the main reason for my first Lilla Rose purchase. I wanted to see if they did in fact stayed in place comfortably, even with glasses. I thought for sure that either it would slip out all day or interfere with my glasses, and it most certainly would cause a headache at some point since every other hairband I have ever tried has done so.

Hairband love begins

I think by now you know that none of that was the case. Not only did it stay in exactly the same place all day, but I found that I had to periodically check to see if it was even still there. It was that comfortable!

I did worry that they beaded nature of the hairband I chose would cause the beads to dig into my scalp thus creating a second risk for headache, but once I got the right tension set it truly fit without any issues.

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What is the difference

The secret to the comfort of the Lilla Rose hairbands lies in the adjustable elastic band that attaches to them. In the past I have tried headbands with an adjustable band, and while they did not cause the headaches they also slipped out of my hair all day and had to be repositioned a lot.

The adjustable elastic on the Lilla Rose hairbands attaches to the main band with jewelry-like clasps and comes in 4 different shades allowing you to get a close match to your hair color. Matching to the hair color allows it to blend into your hair better which helps if you have shorter hair or if you want to do styles where the band might show.

Lilla Rose adjustable hairband elastics.

There are also two lengths offered for the elastics to ensure you get the right fit. Most will be able to use the regular size, but if you have a larger head size or have very thick or curly hair you may find the long to give you a better fit. As with all Lilla Rose items there is a 90-day guarantee so you can easily switch out sizes if needed.

Getting the right fit

The first time you wear a hairband you may need to make some adjustments to get just the right tension. I know I had to loosen mine a few times as I was used to having it tighter in order to keep it in position. The key is that once you have the right adjustment on the Lilla Rose hairbands they will stay in the position you put them.

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The jewelry-like clasp attachment has several advantages. One, it makes it easy to replace just the elastic if ever needed which prolongs the life of your hairband. You can stack up to three beaded Lilla Rose hairbands for a beautiful layered look.

Lilla Rose hairband with hairstick

Having the elastic detachable also makes it possible to easily share your hairbands with others in your household. For example, for a few extra dollars you can buy a second elastic and size if for your daughter. That allows you and your daughter to be able to wear the hairband with a simple switch out of elastics.

I highly recommend that you give the Lilla Rose hairbands a try. They truly do solve so many of, if not all, the problems typically associated with hairbands.

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