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Why I think everyone needs some Lilla Rose Bobby Pins

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Lilla Rose bobby pins

If you think all bobby pins are alike, then you clearly have not tried the Lilla Rose bobby pins. Let me share why I feel that these little workhorses are a must-have accessory that you should have on hand no matter what length your hair is.

My bobby pin experience

Ever since I was a teenager trying to learn new ways to style my hair I have hated bobby pins. They just simply NEVER held my hair. I tried all the tricks like turning them with the bumps down, crossing them so they 'lock' onto each other, using hairspray or dry shampoo to give my hair some 'grip', etc. Despite all my efforts they just simply did not stay in or hold my hair.

When I first discovered Lilla Rose hair accessories I had no interest in the bobby pins and never would have ordered them. I mean, they are beautiful but clearly from my experiences bobby pins just don't work for me.

Then I decided to become a stylist and, as to be expected, there were bobby pins in my initial kit. This was troubling to me as it is very important to me to be fully honest about any product I represent, and I refuse to highlight something that I don't believe in fully.

Why I feel that Lilla Rose bobby pins are a must-have accessory whether you have short or long hair.

My first try with Lilla Rose bobby pins

In order to give an honest opinion I needed to try using them. The first thing I noticed was that it was actually a little tricky to get them opened as they are very tight. Hmmm...this could be a good thing, right?

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Now, I have long, thick hair that is simultaneously heavy and slippery, which is why bobby pins struggle to hold my hair. You can imagine my surprise when I first put the bobby pin in place and it felt secure right away. OK, that's a good thing, but let's see how they look in an hour.

Well, to my delight an hour later they were still in exactly the same spot I had placed them. In fact, I put one bobby pin on each side of my hair to hold up my sides so there was no 'locking' between 2 pins happening. Whoa!

Lilla Rose bobby pins on side

I am not kidding when I say this is the first time ever that this has happened. The closest I have ever come to having a bobby pin stay in place was with the curved pins I had found a couple of years ago, but even those would sag a little after a short time.

Pushing the limits

I wore those pins in my hair for the rest of the day, and they never moved! Now, I was impressed by this (and relieved that I could honestly recommend them..yay!), but I decided to push them a little further and began looking at different ways to use bobby pins to hold hairstyles.

I tried doing twists with my sides and holding those back...not a problem. Next, I tried braiding my sides and using a bobby pin to hold the braids back....passed with flying colors. Finally, I attempted to hold up my full bun.....success!

Lilla Rose bobby pins in bun

Let me repeat that...I can secure my whole head of heavy, slippery hair in a bun with just TWO bobby pins!!

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Lilla Rose bobby pins are a must-have

At this point, it's not a surprise that I can happily and wholeheartedly recommend the Lilla Rose bobby pins. In fact, I will go so far as to say they are a definite must-have accessory.

They come as simple plain pins to match the shade of your hair, with whimsical decorations such as ladybugs and horses, and even elegant styles with beautiful designs that sparkle. There truly is a bobby pin for any occasion. Not to mention they are easy to put in your car or purse to have on hand for those times when you unexpectently need a way to put your hair up.

Lilla Rose Bobby pins

They also work whether you have short hair or long hair. They even work in children's hair and will hold in place even when they are active. The only way I can think of that you would not be able to use a Lilla Rose bobby pin is if you have extremely short hair.

I truly hope that you will not discount the Lilla Rose bobby pins like I did and that you give them a try. I'm willing to bet you will be as happy with them as I was.

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