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This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through these links, I may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. For more information my full affiliate disclosure can be found by clicking here. offers high-quality products from a variety of boutiques and sellers.

Who here likes to get a good deal on quality products? ME!! That is why when I came across I had to give it a try.

What is is a boutique marketplace offering high-quality products from a variety of companies. They feature the latest in women's fashion, home decor, beauty & wellness, pets, and children's clothing. There are daily boutique deals so the items that are available change every day and many have a limited quantity. Unless the boutique is offering free shipping there is shipping costs on each item. Most boutiques seem to offer a shipping discount on additional items purchased on the same order.

My Experience a review

Jane offers both a website and an app. When I shopped with them I chose to use the website. It was easy to navigate and very intuitive to move around. There were many items that were appealing to me; but in the end, I chose to buy some leggings, an oversized sweater, and a tunic.

As stated earlier, many items on have a limited quantity so there were items I was interested in that were not available in my size or the color selection that I wanted. I also had a pair of leggings that I had selected sell out while I shopped and had to choose a different pattern. So, if there is something you know you want, and they have the right size and color, I would recommend checking out sooner rather than later. Since each item is charged a separate shipping fee having more than one order is not that big of a deal (unless you are ordering more than one item from the same boutique).

Ruby Claire Boutique sweater from review

All three of the boutiques that I ordered from shipped the items very quickly and all items were received within a week's time. Two out of the three boutiques included a discount code for me to purchase from them again which was a nice surprise. This offered an opportunity to see what other items they carry and order directly while still saving a little money.

Item #1 - Ultra Soft Sweater

The first item, an ultra-soft sweater, was from Ruby Claire Boutique and was priced at $26.99. I ordered a size small/medium in a soft pink color. I was surprised at how fast this shipped as I had shipping notice within hours of ordering and delivery 2 days later. Pretty good for just $4.99 in shipping.

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The sweater was true to size and VERY soft. It is not a thick sweater, which is fine for me as I am in Southern California so no real need for thick sweaters here. It was as described and is an oversized style which makes it very forgiving and comfortable. I actually chose this primarily as a compliment to the leggings I picked out for myself so I was glad to see that it was slightly longer in the back allowing it to layer over the leggings quite nicely. I was very pleased with this selection as the quality and fit were exactly what I was looking for.

Item #2 - Kendall Oversized Pocket Sweatshirt

Liam and Co pocketed sweatshirt from review

The second item I picked was the Kendall oversized pocket sweatshirt from Liam and Co. priced at $24.99. I ordered a size small in the color Oatmeal. This also shipped very quickly and was on the way to me the day after ordering and delivered the day after that. Again, shipping was only $3.99 so I was pleased with how quickly it shipped and arrived.

From the pictures I knew that this was a longer sweatshirt but was surprised by how long it is. I would describe this as more of a tunic made out of sweatshirt material. Like the sweater the fabric on this was very soft, which I love. The pockets are the right depth to be able to hold my phone which is helpful since I will likely only wear this with leggings given the length. Other than being longer than expected the fit was true to size and the quality was good. This will make a nice addition to my wardrobe to break up the traditional sweater and sweatshirt attire of the winter months.

Item #3 - So Soft Leggings

The last item ordered was So Soft Leggings from Cozi Bear Boutique priced at $8.99. I actually ordered a total of 5 pairs of leggings as I wanted some as Christmas gifts for my daughters. Since I purchased multiple items from this boutique the shipping was $3.99 for the first item and discounted to $2.99 for each additional item for a total of $11.95. These took a little longer to ship but once shipped they came quickly, and I still had them delivered 2 days earlier than the estimated delivery date.

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As advertised, these are VERY soft leggings. They are also a good thickness and don't become transparent when bending like some leggings I have tried. The fit was not as good as I was hoping for. They only came in 2 sizes, regular and plus, so all the leggings were purchased in the regular size. As a reference, I am 5' 6" and a size 4/6, one of my daughters is just a little shorter than me, and my other daughter is 5' 8" and both daughters wear a size 00/0. While the waistband of these leggings is a bit tight on me they fit comfortably in length and stretch. However, even though the leggings on the model in the picture looked to fit fine, and she was stated as being 5' 7", the leggings are short on both my daughters. I think because they are both pretty thin they do not stretch the material enough on the legs which allow them to 'shrink' up.

CoziBear Boutique leggings from review

While the fit is not perfect, these leggings are fine for lounging around the house or wearing to sleep in. We will all get use out of them, and so we decided not to return them.

Final Thoughts

I love to get a discount, but ordinarily I get overwhelmed in discount stores such as Nordstrom Rack or Ross. So, for me is the perfect way to search for a deal on quality items without having to go into a store and pick through the racks.

All in all, I was very happy with my experience ordering on Since ordering I have downloaded the app and check it nearly every day to see what daily boutique deals they have added. Given my experience, I will definitely purchase through them again.

If you haven't tried yet you should give them a try.

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