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How to Fix Tip Wear on Color Street

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How to Fix Tip Wear on Color Street

Fix tip wear on Color Street

Color Street is made from 100% nail polish and is 95% dry at application. On occasion you will notice that as they cure there is a little bit of ‘shrinkage’ which can look like wear at the tip of your nail (this is most noticeable with the solid colors). Here are a few tips to help avoid it happening and how to fix it when it does.

  • When applying the nail strip be sure to fold the polish over the nail and break it away without pulling. You want to score the polish strip with your fingernail or a file first and then remove it.
  • Try leaving a little bit of the polish folded under the nail for at least 30 minutes to prevent the polish from pulling back while it cures. You can then file in a downward motion to remove the extra polish.
  • Apply them at night right before you go to bed so that they can fully cure without the risk of water or heat exposure before they are fully dry.
How to fix tip wear on Color Street

How to Fix the Tip Wear

If you do get some shrinkage, or if you have had your Color Street on for a while and the tips have worn, just file the end of the nail down to where it meets with the nail strip to clean up the edge.

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