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DIY French tip manicure with Color Street

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easy French Tip manicure with Color Street

Color Street offers a few options for a DIY French tip manicure. Whether you want a traditional white tip or to get more creative you can accomplish a beautiful French manicure with minimal effort.

Pre-designed French tip sets

Color Street has 6 color selections within the French category. Each gives a unique look all its own. Of course, there are traditional white tips. However,

Color Street French Tip
Color Street French - Meet Me in Paris

within the white tips you can select a clear overlay for a crisp white look with 'Meet me in Paris' or a sheer pink overlay for a softer look with 'City of Love'.

In addition to the classic white Color Street offers French tip manicure sets in black, gold, silver glitter, and rose gold Glitter. These sets make it simple to add a little pizazz to what is considered more of a traditional style.

Want even more creativity with your DIY French tip manicure?

Amazonia as a French tip

If the selections offered still don't meet your needs then consider making your own French manicure style using ANY Color Street set. It might take an extra step but the outcome is so worth it. Using a 5/8-inch circle punch you can literally use any of the Color street sets along with the 'Clear as Day' topcoat set to make a DIY French tip that is as unique as you.

All you need to accomplish this look is to remove the clear plastic protection from the top of the Color Street strip and punch the curve into the strip with the circle punch. You can then apply the strip to the tip of your nail just as you would with the traditional sets. Once you have the tip in place just cover it with the Clear as Day strip to protect your work.

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Whether you choose to use the pre-designed French sets from Color Street or to create your own you will find that Color Street nail polish strips make it so easy to achieve a DIY French tip manicure that is bound to get noticed.

Creating your own French tip looks is a great way to take advantage of Color Street's Buy 3, Get 1 free deal!

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