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Causebox - Winter 2018 review

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Causebox winter 2018 review

I'll admit that I love the idea of subscription boxes. I mean, who doesn't love getting packages in the mail that are filled with fun, new items to try.

I have ordered from other subscription box companies in the past, but the Winter 2018 was the first Causebox I ever ordered.

While many of the subscription boxes I have tried are a complete surprise as to what will be included, Causebox reveals the contents of their box over the weeks leading up to them being shipped. I personally liked this as it allowed me to feel confident enough to order it but still excited enough about the products that I couldn't wait to receive it.

What is Causebox?​

Causebox is a limited edition quarterly subscription for socially conscious lifestyle products. Every season they select 6-8 ethical products that are empowering people and supporting charities in different parts of the world.

I personally LOVE this mission! It is so great when you can find products and companies that are trying to make a difference in the world, but it can be a challenge to discover them or to know if the products they offer are of quality.

With Causebox you get a curated selection of quality products from compassionate companies in one box. Which is a fantastic way to discover and support world changing products, companies, and causes.

CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters

How do you get a Causebox?​

Causebox is a seasonal box that you can subscribe to and is delivered 4 times a year. Each box includes over $200 in product for $49.95 with an annual subscription (paid upfront) or $54.95 if purchased individually.

The annual subscription guarantees that you will get a box each season as they do sell out, and you are given the opportunity to select at least one of the products you will receive. I'll talk about this option more as I detail the products that were in the Winter 2018 box.

The boxes do sell out, and when that happens they will curate a 'Welcome Box' for any new subscribers. This will typically have a few of the products from the main box along with some additional items to round out the selections.

The Winter 2018 box

The winter 2018 box included 7 items valued at over $300 dollars. They were:

  • LSTN Bluetooth earbuds - $99 value
  • Matr Boomie - necklace or earrings (choice item) - $33 value
  • Luna Nectar jade roller - $25 value
  • SiiZU poncho (choice item) - $115 value
  • Idlewild Co planner - $32
  • Klei floral facial steam - $22
  • Claire Ritchie wrapping paper and postcard - $22
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LSTN bluetooth earbuds

These are lightweight and easy to use and have a very nice marble detail and ear grips. They also have a mic, play/pause button, and volume controls.

I gave these to my teenage son for Christmas as he was in need of a new pair of bluetooth earbuds. He likes the way they fit but says the sound quality for music is only OK.

I do like that part of all proceeds from LSTN products goes towards providing hearing aids across the globe through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Matr Boomie - Necklace

Causebox winter 2018 necklace

This was a choice item in the winter 2018 box so those who had an annual subscription were able to choose between a necklace or a pair of earrings. As I stated before, I did not sign up for the annual subscription so I did not have this choice.

My box included the necklace, which I was very happy about as I don't tend to wear earrings too often. Though the ones offered were very nice, and surely would have gotten good use. As it stands, this is a go-to necklace for me as it is simple yet high quality, and I love the mix of gold and silver.

This necklace (as well as the earings) was handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India, and Causebox's partnership with Matr Boomie was able to employ 45 artisans for 4 months! These types of partnerships make a HUGE difference in the lives of the artisans.

Luna Nectar jade roller

Causebox winter 2018 jade roller

As someone who often gets headaches as a result of tension in my jaw muscles, I was very much looking forward to receiving the jade roller. I was not disappointed. The smooth, cool surface of the jade roller feels so good on the tight muscles in my jawline.

Jade rollers also help with de-puffing in the morning, addressing lymphatic drainage, promoting circulation, and improving elasticity. While I have not yet done it, many recommend storing the jade roller in the refrigerator or even freezer to get even more cooling relief.

SiiZU poncho

The Siizu poncho that was to be included in the winter 2018 Causebox was definitely the main reason I chose to give the box a try. I had been seeing a lot of ponchos on Pinterest and around but had not found one I liked enough to purchase. All three options of this poncho were beautiful, and I knew I wanted one.

Causebox winter 2018 poncho

This was the second item that was a choice item, so those with annual subscriptions were able to choose between three colorways. Those included black/grey, white/pink, and cranberry/brown/cream options. The poncho in my box was the black/grey style, which I was happy about as it fit the most seamlessly into my current wardrobe.

The lovely thing about this poncho is that not only is it beautiful, it is made from a botanic fabric that is derived from recycled wood. Yes...wood! It has fast become one of my favorite pieces as it is so soft to the touch and really warm.

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Idlewild Co planner

Since I already had a planner for 2019 I gifted this one to my daughter. She loved it. She really appreciated the simple black and white patterned cover with the brass edging to protect the corners. The internal pages were of high quality and offered the right amount of pages for goals, calendar, and notes.

Idlewild Co. is committed to sustainable resources for their products and to do their part in replacing the existing products on the market with alternatives that look better and are better for the planet.

Klei floral facial steam

This floral detox facial steam is a blend of Chamomile, Lavender, Rose Petals, Rosemary, Juniper, and Spearmint and smells lovely. When added to a couple of cups of boiling water you are able to use the steam to open up your pores and prepare them for further treatments while also getting aromatherapy.

Klei Beauty offers self-care products that are derived from natural ingredients that are carefully researched and chosen for their specific skin-nourishing qualities which allows you to pamper your skin naturally. They also take care to ensure that all packaging is created with environmental impact taken into account.

Claire Ritchie wrapping paper and postcard

Causesbox winter 2018 postcard

Every Causebox has an artist who designs the box. The winter 2018 box was designed by Claire Ritchie of Australia and also included wrapping paper made with the same design in three wintery colors.

Since this box arrived just before Christmas I put this wrapping paper to good use. It was a nice change from the traditional colors of wrapping papers usually used. The postcard was also of high quality with a simple variation of the box design.

Final thoughts

Overall, I was very happy with the Causebox. I felt that all the products were of high quality and more than justified the cost of the box. It also allowed me to try out some things that I might not have otherwise tried, like the facial steam.

Of course, the fact that all the companies selected to be a part of the Causebox are socially conscious adds to the appeal for me.

Ready to give Causebox a try? Visit their website to subscribe or find out more.

Make sure to try the following to get $10 off your first box: WELCOME10

Check out the sneak peeks for the new Spring 2019 Causebox here!

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