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How to apply Color Street nail polish strips

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I purchased some Color Street what??

How to apply Color Street

How do I apply Color Street nail polish strips now that I have them?

Do you ever have those times when you see someone do something and it looks SOOOO easy, but then you set about to do it and realize that you don’t quite remember what they did or said? Me too!! I don’t want that to happen to you with your Color Street nail polish strips.

Let me go over some basic information on how to apply Color Street that I hope you will find helpful. You can even bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it as many times as you need.

What is included in a set of Color Street?

First things first, let's go over all that is included in each set of Color Street nail polish strips. In each set you will find:

All you need to apply Color Street in one packaage
  • Nail polish strips - 2 sheets with 8 different sized nail strips on each sheet
  • Prep pads - 2 packs
  • Mini nail file

In addition to there being 8 different sizes for the nail polish strips, they are also double-sided. Once the tab at the top is removed you will see that many of the strips have different shapes at the ends. This is so that you can find the closest match to the shape of your nail bed.

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How do I expose the nail polish strip??

Open the package by tearing where the perforation is on the side and take the sheets out of the package. Find which strip is the best fit for each of your nails by pulling the strips apart and, without removing them from the backing, laying them on the nail wrapping them over the nail bed to see if the fit is right.

Once you have the correct size you will remove the top plastic protective layer. To do this hold the orange tab at the top and gently pull the layer off. Next, you will remove the nail polish strip by holding the silver tab and gently pulling the strip away from the backing.

How do I put them on??

Now that you have the strip removed you can carefully break away the silver tab from the strip. Line the strip up at the base of your nail as close to your cuticle as you can. Do try to avoid going onto the cuticle. Lightly tack the strip in place in the center and gently shape it to cover your nail. Make sure the nail polish strip is fully adhered to the nail bed by giving the nail a thorough rub once you have the strip in the right position.

Next, gently fold the excess strip over the top of the nail and either using your thumb or a file score the strip so that it breaks away. To use your thumb hold the excess with your index or middle finger and gently push your thumbnail under the nail bed until the strip breaks away. When using a file you will file in a downward direction until the strip breaks away.

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Here is a video showing how to apply using the thumb (my favorite way to apply Color Street):

Here is another video that goes into a bit more detail on how to apply Color Street, including how to size the strips, and shows both the thumb and file techniques for removing the excess.

Are they really dry when I put them on?

Color Street nail polish strips are made from 100% nail polish and are 95% dry at the time of application. The final 5% is on the bottom of the strip and allows them to adhere and then cure to your nails. However, they do need 15-30 minutes after application to fully cure. You are welcome to go about your business without ‘babying’ your nails; but you will want to avoid things like washing dishes, taking a shower, or using your nails as tools for at least 30 minutes after application.

How do I take them off?

Simply use your favorite nail polish remover. They are 100% nail polish and require no special procedures to remove.

If you are having a hard time applying your Color Street please be sure to check out my troubleshooting post here.

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