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Hi, I'm April. Thanks so much for stopping by!

A bit about me...
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and now currently live in Southern California. I have never been a 'girly-girl' and am much more comfy in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt than a dress and high heels. However, like most girls I do like to feel pretty. Where the problem comes in is that I don't like to do anything that is complicated or takes a lot of time. Curl my hair?...nah, I'll just throw it up in a bun again. How about putting on some makeup?...OK I guess, so long as it only takes me 10 minutes to do it.

Raising my 3 children was my priority, but now they are all teenagers who are beginning to leave the nest and explore life on their own. My oldest is in college, my middle is finishing the final year of high school, and my youngest just started the high school journey. In less than 4 years my husband and I will be on our own which is so surreal for me to think about.
Kids in sunset
With my children getting older I have found that I enjoy having a bit more time to pamper myself (sometimes I even flat iron my hair and leave it down....gasp!). I'm on a mission to find the inner girl in me and indulge in things that make me feel pretty, just as long as they aren't too complicated or time consuming...LOL.

I hope you will join me as I travel down this road and share the things that bring me joy and get me closer to the inner girl in me.

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Finding My Inner Girl

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